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About County Supervisor

The role of County Supervisor is unique among elected positions, both within Saratoga Springs, but also within Saratoga County.  First and foremost, it is a County-level position that represents the City of Saratoga Springs on the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors.

It is a purely legislative position.  It is different from a Town Supervisor, who is essentially the head of Town government, but also plays a role as County Supervisor.  The Supervisor takes an oath of office at the County, and votes on county-wide matters that affect the residents of the City and County.  In the City of Saratoga Springs, the Supervisor takes an oath of office as a City Official, but has no voting power at City Council, and does not play any administrative role within the City.

The Saratoga County government consists of 23 Supervisors, representing the 19 Towns and two Cities of the County.  The County’s nine Villages are not directly represented at the Board of Supervisors-the town Supervisor of the Town that the Village is in represents the Village residents at the County level.  Some Villages are in more than one town, so a Village could be represented by more than one Supervisor at the County level.#bos

Voting at the County level is weighted based on population; a Supervisor votes with a weight equal to the town’s residents.  Since there is such a disparity among towns in Saratoga County, with the largest town having a population approximately 40 times greater than the smallest town, the County sets a population threshold of 25,000 residents for each Supervisor.  If a town’s population exceeds this number, then the town’s population is split, and an additional Supervisor is seated on the Board of Supervisors.  The County reviews this policy every 10 years after the official population numbers are produced by the Census Bureau.

That’s why Saratoga Springs has two Supervisors.  So when you vote in November, you can choose two Supervisors from those whose names appear on the ballot.  Each Supervisor’s vote represents ½ of the City’s population at the County, or approximately 13,000 residents.

Saratoga County has 31 Departments.  The Supervisor’s role is to set policy for those departments, work with County Administration and the Department heads to make sure things are running smoothly, and to suggest changes, updates, or efficiencies to County law, policies, and procedures.  The City Supervisor interacts with the other Supervisors to collaborate on those changes to policy.  Additionally, the Supervisor works with the City Council to determine what issues, concerns, or proposals the City Council may have for the County to review and act upon.  The Supervisor interacts with the members of the public, mainly from the municipality they represent, but sometimes from others outside the municipality. 

Saratoga County #saratogacountyhas the following departments:

Board of Supervisors


District Attorney


County Coroner

County Clerk (Records & DMV)


County Administrator

County Attorney

County Auditor

Human Resources

Internet Technology (IT)

Board of Elections

Employment & Training

Public Works (Facilities & Highways)

Public Health

Department of Social Services

Mental Health

Office for the Aging

Veteran’s Services

Weights & Measures

Public Defender


Animal Shelter

Youth Bureau

Real Property Tax Services

Saratoga County Sewer District No. 1

Saratoga County Soil & Water Conservation District

Office of Emergency Services


County Historian






In addition to the 23 Elected Board members, the County as a whole elects the following positions: Treasurer, District Attorney, Sheriff, County Clerk, and two County Coroners.

The County Supervisor serves on various county subcommittees of the Board of Supervisors, each relating to a certain administrative department.  Supervisors will normally be assigned to four or five committees per year, and those assignments are made by the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, based on a Supervisor’s interest, or past experience on the Board.

As mentioned earlier, the Saratoga Springs Supervisor has a unique role within both City and County government.  In the City, the Supervisor is free to explore whatever topics or issues interest him or her.  For instance, a Supervisor could have an interest in Trails or Open Space, and work toward improving those goals; or they could have an interest in better transportation, Economic Development, or Veteran’s issues.  Since there is no administrative role at the City, the Supervisor can tailor their work to whatever issues they are passionate about.  If there is a crisis or other pressing issue that comes up, the Supervisor can get involved as a liaison to the County Board of Supervisors from the City if necessary.


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