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Veitch Family History



The Veitch Family History is a classic Saratoga Story.  The earliest relatives of Matthew Veitch were not Veitches at all, but the LaMontain and Burnham families, who lived in the Bryan Home at the corner of Maple Avenue and Rock Street in the City, now the Olde Bryan Inn.  Burnham’s Hand Laundry was the service that was provided by the LaMontain and Burnham families for many years in the City.  These families can be traced in Saratoga Springs from before 1900.  Other families related to Matthew are the Blackwood and Cherry families.






The Veitch family arrived in Saratoga a bit later.  Silas Veitch, Matthew’s Great-Great Grandfather, was born c.1875 and was a horse trainer and jockey from Ontario, Canada.  He had raced horses in Saratoga Springs as early as the 1890s, but was not a permanent resident.  Silas had Five Children: Sidney, Sylvester, Thomas, Leo, and Ethel.  All, save for Ethel, were employed as jockeys and trainers, and made their careers in the Horse Racing business.  Sylvester was one of the most successful trainers of his day, and is a member of the Horse Racing Hall of Fame. Sidney Veitch, (Matthew's Great-Grandfather) met Bea LaMontain during his trips to the Spa City for the summer Horse Racing meet.  They married and had two sons, Donald and Robert.  The family stayed at the Bryan Home year-round, while Sidney made his living on the Horse Racing circuit.  The Veitch family bought the Bryan Home in 1954, and the they lived in the home as a private residence until 1979, when it was converted to the Olde Bryan Inn restaurant.





Donald Veitch (Matthew’s Grandfather) lived in Saratoga Springs all his life.  A Football and Track star at Saratoga High School (then located on Lake Avenue), he met June Blackwood in High School.  He then joined the Army, and went off to fight in WWII, and was a veteran of the Battle of the Bulge.  Don and June Veitch were married after the War, and had five children as well: Michael, JoAnn, Thomas (T.K), Carol, and John.  Don passed away in 2007, and June in 2016.






Michael Veitch (Matthew’s Father) married Gail Onody, in 1971.  Michael was a Baseball, Basketball, and Track star at Saratoga High School.  Gail’s father Ed Onody was the Principal of SSHS in 1966, when Mike and Gail met.  They also had five children as well: Matthew, Greg, Paul, Mary, and Michael Blackwood Veitch.  Matthew's father was a teacher at Saratoga Junior High School for over thirty years, and is the Horse Racing Writer for the Saratogian.  Matthew's brother Greg is the current Chief of Police in Saatoga Springs, and Paul is an Sergant in the Investigative Division in the Police Department. Matthew's brother Michael works as the Business Manager in the Department of Public Works.  His sister Mary Austin works for Empire State College here in Saratoga Springs.





Matthew is proud of his family history in Saratoga Springs.  The things that led to the success of his family-hard work, motivation, and a desire to make the City a better place, has led him to serve in his role as Supervisor and give him a desire to continue in that role.  His links to the past help to shape his vision for the future.  His wish is that his family contiues in their proud tradition of service to the City.

Matt's Family

Matthew, Stephanie, David and Jacob Veitch