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Why I'm Running

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the City of Saratoga Springs as your Supervisor for the past 9½ years.  I’m proud to represent our community at the County level-and I plan to run again for another term and earn your vote in November to continue serving as your Supervisor.

Experience is a critical component to understanding how to effectively serve our residents at the County level. With my experience serving on a multitude of County committees, I’ve seen firsthand how to improve services and their delivery to City residents. Saratogians know the importance of quality of life issues, so I advocated on your behalf for the formation of the first ever County Trails Committee. We also know that competing in the information age is critical to our future success, so I worked to create the first Technology Committee at the County to improve efficiency and provide a better service to our residents.

As a fifth-generation and lifelong Saratogian, it was also a humbling experience to serve as the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors in 2015. This honor was the first time a Supervisor from Saratoga Springs was the Chairman since 1992 and coincided with our City’s Centennial celebration.

Community involvement is also an important facet to serving as an effective Supervisor.  My goal is to give back by serving on the Boards of Directors of the Saratoga History Museum, the Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation, the City’s All-American July 4th Committee, as well as Co-Chairing a committee in 2012 that studied development issues on South Broadway.  I am currently the Chairman of the City’s Open Space Committee, and we have pushed for new purchases of land near Loughberry Lake, and were a part of preserving a portion of getting the Pitney Farm, forever keeping that land for agricultural uses.

In these difficult political times, we also need someone local to represent our Community’s interest at both the State and National level.  I serve as the Vice-Chairman of the State Association of Counties Public Safety Committee as well as the IT Committee at the National Association of Counties.   In these roles, I have recently visited all our Federal Representatives in their Washington Offices to discuss issues that affect our City and County.

Even though it has not always been an easy job, I am reminded daily of my political philosophy: Residents elect us to represent them, and to solve issues that come up from time to time.  Those issues are not the property of one political party or the other.  Nobody ‘owns’ an issue.  We must work together, as a team of elected officials, for the good of the community, to solve those issues.  I pledge to you that I will continue to do that.  The residents of Saratoga Springs and Saratoga County deserve nothing less.  Thank you for giving me the ability to serve you as your Supervisor.



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